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Inspired Bead Embroidery: New jewelry designs by Sherry Serafini 2018


For years, fans have been asking for a new title from Internationally known artist and instructor Sherry Serafini, renowned for her lavish beaded surfaces ? and this book is it! Sherry's adventurous designs have appeared in numerous books and well-known magazines. Rock stars Steven Tyler, Lenny Kravitz, and Melissa Etheridge have worn her beaded works of art.

Brick-Stitch Beaded Butterflies 2018


Книга по бисероплетению. 12 очаровательных, фантастически красивых бабочек из бисера.
Let your imagination soar to new heights with 12 beautiful and life-like patterns created by biologist and artist Karen Parker! Practice your brick-stitch skills by beading designs that mimic real butterflies, such as the African Monarch Butterfly, Glasswing Butterfly, and Purple Spotted Swallowtail Butterfly.

Perles de rocaille haute couture 2006


Ювелирные изделия и аксессуары - это жемчужные шарики, без ткацкого станка. Основная методика четко объясняется шаг за шагом и не представляет особых трудностей: просто следуйте схемам.

Bronze Metal Clay: Explore a New Material with 35 Projects 2010


Bronze metal clay is the natural next choice for the large silver metal clay market; it’s far less expensive, so crafters can expand their creativity creating larger-scale pieces. As a member of the Technical Support Team for Rio Grande (a huge online distributor of jewelry supplies), Yvonne Padilla is an expert at answering crafters’ questions about bronze. In addition to providing step-by-step instructions for 30 projects, she explains how bronze differs from silver clay, how to work with it, and how to attain the lovely verdigris patina that only bronze has.  An inspirational gallery and a trouble shooting section complete the fantastic package.

Bead Knitted Bags: 10 Projects for Beaders and Knitters 2006


10 Маленьких модных аксессуаров для вязальщиц из бисера. С подробными инструкциями и последовательными иллюстрациями. Каждый из 10 проектов содержит список материалов, подробную инструкцию по вязанию и цветные схемы всего рисунка или повторяющегося мотива.
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